Tax Efficiency Planning

ASAP GlobalTax AdvisorsTax Efficiency Planning

ASAPGLOBAL provides a wide range of tax advisory services in Cyprus and abroad. We offer solutions to any tax issue presented by a prospective client and implement our opinion in order to provide to the client the tax structure that fits his case. Our Company has developed an impressive portfolio of international and domestic tax connections that enable us to provide advices to clients in the most tax efficient manner.

Specifically, our Company is specialized in the following areas:                          Chess-tax

  • Corporate Tax;

  • Tax Planning;

  • Trusts;

  • Offshore Trusts;

  • Offshore Partnerships;

  • Restructuring Groups in a tax efficient manner;

  • Redomiciliation of Cyprus and foreign companies;

  • Tax implications of merger and acquisitions;

  • Tax implications of joint ventures;

  • Tax Disputes;