Nominee Services

All the details of shareholders and directors of the companies are public accessible to Registrar of Companies of each country. In order to maintained your anonymity ASAPGLOBAL provides nominee services whereas an individual of our team is appointed to act as director or shareholder on your behalf.

It is important to understand that through our provision of these services we are not involved in the management or running of your business. Our role is purely to administrate the company only for Registrar purposes. The management of the Company continues to be your responsibility.

Nominee Director

If you wish to use the Nominee –Director service, then an individual, resident in Cyprus or in other offshore jurisdiction, will be appointed as Director in your company. The nominee director can produce a Power of Attorney made out to you as the beneficial owner of the company, along with Letters of Authority, to enable you to carry out the ordinary business of your company. In some other cases the nominee Director can act on behalf of you and no Power of Attorney is needed.

Nominee shareholder

The shareholder nominee service is applied to the cases when the real investor requests that an individual or legal identity hold the shares on behalf of him/her. The nominee shareholder service is used when the beneficial owner of the company requires to remain anonymous as the shareholder’s information is also public available to the Registrar of Companies. It’s is important to understand that in our capacity as nominee shareholder we hold no rights over the shares of the company. We transfer all rights of ownership to the real investors, and we only provide a name only service, guarantee in that way your anonymity.