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Company formation is the process whereby a business is legally registered with the Registrar of Companies. The company incorporation is the first step that a business must take in order to be established. ASAPGLOBAL provides incorporation services for the below jurisdictions:

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  • Cyprus
  • Rak
  • Belize
  • Seychelles
  • BVI
  • Delaware USA
  • Bahamas
  • Hong Kong
  • Malta

Our specialist in Company’s structure can advise and assist you with the incorporation of your company and help you choose the right jurisdiction for your business.

ASAPGLOBAL offers also ready-made companies, as well as already approved names. Furthermore you have the option to use a name that you preferred for your company in addition to the structure that you wish.

To register a company usually takes about 2-7 working days, depending on the jurisdiction. In order to proceed with the registration the structure details of the company must be given in detailed. More precisely we will need company name (2-3 alternatives must be given), shareholder’s, director’s and secretary’s details and also a registered address for the company.

Moreover we offer nominee services in case that a client needs to keep his/her anonymity. Nominee shareholder, director and secretary services are provided upon client’s request. In addition every company needs to maintain a registered office to the jurisdiction that its’ corporate. ASAPGLOBAL can provide a registered address to any jurisdiction that the company is corporate.